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"Chapter 10" is the tenth and final episode of Roanoke. It premiered November 16, 2016.


The shocking events that have transpired in the past years all lead up to a deadly conclusion.


The March after My Roanoke Nightmare aired on television, it is screened at PaleyFest, where the cast and crew were interviewed by Trixie Mattel and Edward Hansen. During the interview, Sidney teases the possibility of a second season. During the Q&A, the rabid fans of the show profess their love to various members of the cast and all of the reenactors compete for the audience's attention. One fan in particular loves Lee and asks if she can give her a picture that she drew and get a hug from her, which Lee reluctantly agrees to. Sometime later, that same fan makes a YouTube video, directly addressing Lee, asking her why she felt the need to come back for the followup to My Roanoke Nightmare. She further goes on to criticize the derivative nature of the follow-up, saying that it felt contrived and would only tarnish the legacy of the original. In another video, the real Lot Polk makes a video promising vengeance on Lee for taking his two children away from him.

A television series called Crack'd documents Lee's life, her family, her addiction to pills, her custody battle, her kidnapping of her daughter, her murder of her ex-husband, Mason, and her appearance on My Roanoke Nightmare. During an on-camera interview, the district attorney says that he always knew that Lee was guilty and that the footage of her murders from Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell proved it. Lee goes on trial for her murders but her attorney uses the horror and psychological trauma that Lee faced at the hands of the Polk's as a way to get her off. Not satisfied, the district attorney then prosecutes her for Mason's murder and, in another interview, walks through his evidence of Lee's guilt. During the trial, Lee's daughter Flora is asked to take the stand to testify against her mother, saying the she witnessed her mother murder her father out in the woods. During her cross examination, Lee's attorney questions why Flora went out into the woods alone in the first place. Flora says that she went out their because she felt safe with Priscilla and this is used by the attorney to cast doubt her story. The series details that the jury finds Lee not guilty for Mason's murder. In yet another interview, the district attorney expresses frustration about the verdict. After the trial, Lee tries to talk to Flora but is rebuffed. This leads the district attorney to speculate that Lee lost a lot in her life despite her ability to walk as a free woman.

In another TV series, The Lana Winters Special, famed reporter Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson) details Lee's life following her acquittal. It is revealed Lee has written a best selling book about her harrowing ordeal and that Lana has come out of retirement to do this interview with her. Lee is skeptical of Lana's intentions but goes on to state that holding on to the hope Flora gives to her gets her though. Lana then asks Lee about Flora and Lee says that she doesn't see much of her. Lana says that Lee can't be very surprised about this and Lee begins to anger and get defensive. Lana asks Lee why her, as Lee had offers for interviews from many major news outlets, and Lee responds that she thought that Lana would be more sympathetic to her given her history with atrocities. Lana bristles at this and says that she had to do what she did in order to survive and that Lee only did what she did so that she could be with her daughter. Lana invites Lee to speak to Flora directly and Lee does, saying that she hopes that one day Flora can understand and forgive her for what she has done. Lana asks point blank about Flora's whereabouts as she is missing again, assumed to have been taken by Lee. Just as Lee is about to answer, there are sounds of assault rifle shots in the hallway. As Lana and Lee turn to look for the source of the noise, Lot Polk breaks into the room and threatens Lana and Lee. Lana attempts to talk Lot off of the ledge but her knocks her out with the butt of his rifle. Just as he is about to shoot Lee, he is shot himself by a police officer who arrived on scene.

In yet another TV show, called Spirit Chasers, a group of paranormal investigators trespass into the Roanoke house during the blood moon, hoping to capture the reported ghosts of house on film. As the house is being set up for filming, the host exposes some of the haunted history of the house. The series recruits the reenactor who played Cricket Marlowe, Ashley Gilbert (Leslie Jordan), to be on the series. Come nightfall, the participants of the series begin to experience various paranormal activities that unnerve them. Something stirs outside and it turns out to be Lee, who came to the house to search for her daughter who has been missing for two weeks. The spirit chasers offer to help her but she advices them to flee the house while they can. Thermal cameras pick up the ghosts of the Chen family and the voice of Priscilla is recorded. Lee advices them once again to flee and goes in search of Priscilla. The chasers ignore Lee and go to help her look but as they are doing that they are attacked by the Piggy Man, the Chen daughter, and various spirits within the house, leading to Ashley's death at the hands of the Piggy Man. The rest of the spirit chasers attempt to flee off of the property to the police cars waiting outside but before they can, they are killed by Thomasin and her mob.

Inside the house, Flora and Lee are reunited. The next day, a new report details Lee's 14 hour stand off with the police at the Roanoke house. It is believed that Lee kidnapped Flora and is holding her hostage at the house. Lana finally sympathizes with Lee, admitting the she understands her single mindedness in rescuing her daughter. Inside the house, Lee and Flora begin to bond again and Lee explains to Flora that her mistakes have only been to benefit Flora and her life. Lee sincerely apologizes to Flora and begs her forgiveness. Lee wants Flora to come home but Flora wants to sacrifice herself by burning the house down and stay as a ghost for all eternity so that she can protect Priscilla from Thomasin. Lee offers to take Flora's place, allowing Flora to leave and live her life, and Flora only agrees to this after she confers with Priscilla about it.

Lee and Flora burn the house down and Flora leaves the house. She is discovered by a police officer and brought to a police car. Inside the police car, Flora witnesses the house burn to the ground and sees her mother walk off into the woods with Priscilla before she is taken away in the car. From a hilltop, Thomasin watches as her mob surrounds the remaining officers at the burned down Roanoke house, with the blood moon looming in the sky and and the sound of wooden totems clanging ominously.

Featured Characters


  • Lana Winters: "Welcome to the Lana Winters special."
  • Lot Polk (about Lana Winters): "She talks too much..."


Raised Questions



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