These are episode and character pages that contain verboten phrases (listed below). Such phrases are a sure sign that an editor has slipped into "Viewer POV" and is describing what they saw onscreen. The offending lines are marked with the [verboten] template. Please help the wiki by editing these pages to conform to the style guidelines laid out by AHS:MOS and AHS:TAO and then remove the VerbotenPhrases template.

Verboten Phrases

Note that this is not a thorough list and shall be added to or subtracted from as needed. Note also that it is possible, though unlikely, that such phrases have been used without breaking POV. Also that these rules do not apply under the section Notes, but it's still best that they're avoided lest you confuse FlufferBot. Please use discretion.

  • "it is revealed"
  • "it is shown"
  • "we see"
  • "we find out"
  • "in the episode"
  • "it (he,she) seemed"
  • "it is implied"
  • "character"
  • "dialogue (monologue, soliloquy)"
  • "we learn"
  • "not much is known"
  • "seems to"
  • "is portrayed"
  • "story"
  • "in my opinion"
  • "in conclusion"


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