American Horror Story's sixth season premiered on FX on September 14, 2016 and is called "Roanoke." Details about this season were strongly guarded, with many "foilers" released with the proviso that only few are "true". The story is told through the lens of two fictional television series, "My Roanoke Nightmare" and "Return to Roanoke: Three Nights in Hell."


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After a disturbing incident, a young couple move into a seemingly perfect home built in the 18th century. However, the building's close proximity to the site of the Lost Colony's disappearance and with horrific events happening at the house the couple start to sense something dark underneath the facade.

Main Characters



Episode # Premiere Writer(s) Director
Chapter 1 1 2016-09-14 Ryan Murphy · Brad Falchuk Bradley Buecker
Chapter 2 2 September 21, 2016 Tim Minear Michael Goi
Chapter 3 3 September 28, 2016 James Wong Jennifer Lynch
Chapter 4 4 2016-10-05 John J. Gray Marita Grabiak
Chapter 5 5 2016-10-12 Akela Cooper Nelson Cragg
Chapter 6 6 2016-10-19 Ned Martel Angela Bassett
Chapter 7 7 2016-10-26 Crystal Liu Elodie Keene
Chapter 8 8 2016-11-2 Todd Kubrak Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Chapter 9 9 2016-11-9 Tim Minear Alexis Korycinski
Chapter 10 10 November 16, 2016 Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk Bradley Buecker

Pre-Season Trailers

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Posters and Logos


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