Raspers are the result of Dr. Arden's torturous and barbaric experiments on the less fortunate patients of Briarcliff Manor. They are characters in Asylum. They are not mutants, but have in fact been altered to resist radiation and genetic change.


Dr. Arden had been performing his experiments on TB patients when Briarcliff was a tuberculosis ward.  When the Catholic Church took over Briarcliff and turned it into a mental asylum, Monsignor Timothy Howard allowed Arden to remain as chief physician under the belief his research could help humanity.  Arden has claimed the current purpose of his experiments are to create humans genetically resistent to a nuclear fallout (and any subsequent mutation, among other effects) by introducing combined variants of syphilis and tuberculosis.  He has released his creatures into the surrounding forest of Briarcliff where they roam freely awaiting the dinner of raw meat brought regularly by Sister Mary Eunice.

Personality and Appearance

They are heavily altered and as a result have become savage and wild. They've yet to show signs of particular aggression. They are just ravenous and ferally protective of their meals. However, Sr. Mary Eunice believes their appetite is growing. One creature followed Kit Walker into Briarcliff through the death chute and attacked a nun, Grace, and Kit. They appear to have augmented physical abilities. 

Episodic Appearances

  • The creatures are heard roaring in the woods. Arden and Sister Mary Eunice discuss their growing appetite.("Welcome to Briarcliff")
  • The possessed Sister Mary Eunice encounters a creature as she delivers their dinner of raw flesh. Kit, Lana, and Grace later manage to escape Briarcliff through the death chute but encounter two in the woods eating their meat. One chases the three back through the chute and into Briarcliff.("Nor'easter")
  • Kit, on the run, breaks back into Briarcliff through the death chute. Unknown to him, a creature follows him in. As Kit tries leaving with Grace, the two encounter a nun in the kitchen who starts screaming for help. The creature suddenly bursts in, grabs her, bites a chunk of her neck off, and tosses her across the room. It then attacks Grace and Kit. Kit nearly becomes its next victim but he disembowels it with a dough mixing attachment.("Dark Cousin")
  • Dr. Arden, disheartened after being taunted by Pepper and the aliens and witnessing the final loss of Sister Mary Eunice's virtue, comes to see his experiments as "a farce". With Sister Mary Eunice, he goes into the forest and lures the creatures that have thus far survived the winter with chunks of meat. Once they emerge, he shoots them one after another - as he puts it, "Finito la Commedia" (Italian: "Finished is the Comedy").("The Name Game")
  • Continuing her series of damning exposés, Lana plans to produce a documentary on Arden's deeds at Briarcliff, having uncovered the records of his experiments. She attempts to get a comment out of Cardinal Howard on his hiring of Arden and whether or not he knew of his experiments. During their brief confrontation, she mentions that since Briarcliff was shut-down, human remains had been found in the woods - probably those of the creatures and/or their victims, though the police do not yet know this.("Madness Ends")


  • Ryan Murphy referred to them in interviews as Raspers though this name was not used in the continuity of "Asylum" (just as the name Infantata was not actually uttered onscreen in Murder House) . He also claimed they were not cannibals.[1] In the latter claim, he is partly correct, as they were not cannibals by choice: they ate human flesh to survive when it was given to them by Dr. Arden or Sister Mary Eunice. The name mostly likely originates in the croaky, whistling sound of the creatures' breathing - most prominently demonstrated by Shelley in "I Am Anne Frank, Part 2".



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