Bridget Jane is a murderous nurse. She is a character in Roanoke primarily portrayed by Kristen Rakes.


Around 1988, Bridget Jane and her sister Miranda bought Roanoke House, where they opened an assisted living facility for the elderly. The house soon became a place of heinous crimes, as the two nurses gave vent their murderous instincts on hapless patients. Their victims would depend on the first letter of their names. They planned to kill six elders to spell out their favorite word 'MURDER', spray painting the letter on the wall to spell out the word. However, they only managed to kill five leaving behind the word 'MURDE' untreated on the wall.

Personality and Appearance

A woman with slender body and severe facial features. In life as in death she is wearing a nurse uniform. Sadistic and violent, Bridget makes a pair with her sister Miranda in being creative killers.





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