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Boy Parts
Season 3, Episode 2
Zoe Kyle Boy parts
Air date October 16, 2013
Written by

Tim Minear

Directed by Michael Rymer
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"Boy Parts" is the second episode of Coven. It was first broadcast on October 16, 2013.

Synopsis Edit

Fiona helps Zoe and Madison deal with a horrible tragedy. Delphine LaLaurie struggles to adjust to modern life. Cordelia faces a dark decision about her family. [1]

Plot Edit

In the Louisiana bayou, two Cajun poachers guide their boat towards the catch of the day, a gator on a hook baited with jerk chicken. They shoot it in the head and take it to their camp where they find Misty Day, who is horrified by their poaching. She resurrects their catches, who promptly chomp into them.

Cordelia wakes the students for the morning gathering. Madison greets her in underwear, and Zoe is combing the Internet for news on the bus incident. Madison apologizes for killing Kyle.

Cordelia, meanwhile, is trying to get Fiona to attend the gathering, as she will be explaining the house rules to the students. She remarks on the foul odor, not knowing that Fiona is holding Delphine LaLaurie  hostage.


In Detroit, Queenie is tending to an unruly customer in a chicken restaurant, who berates her for not getting enough chicken pieces. She dunks her arm into the fryer to cause burns on his arm.


Queenie is relating this story to the morning gathering and goes on to share that she is the heir to the slave witch Tituba , the first to be accused of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials . The gathering is interrupted by police detectives, who question Zoe and Madison about their involvement with the dead frat boys and Zoe's subsequent visit to the survivor. They note the similarities between his death and her old boyfriend, Charles Taylor. Zoe cracks and tells all; from the gang rape to their magic-fueled revenge but receives support from neither Madison nor Cordelia, who suggests that she has suffered a mental break. Fiona enters and intervenes by enchanting the police with mind control. Resisting her powers has nasty side effects for the officers. They turn over all they have on the girls.

Madison berates Zoe for her weakness. Fiona enters and throws them both telekinetically across the room. She continues to reproach Zoe, calling her the weakest among them and warning that the only thing the girls have to fear is her.

Madison and Zoe break into the morgue. Madison intends to pay back Zoe by resurrecting Kyle with a spell stolen from Cordelia. They find him, along with his fellow dead frat brothers, dismembered and Madison proposes to build the perfect boyfriend from the choicest parts.

Cordelia and her husband Hank visit a fertility doctor for an ultrasound and consultation. Despite efforts to improve her fertility through medical means, there has been no change. When the doctor suggests IVF, Hank wants a private discussion with his wife. She is hesitant to use witchcraft to conceive as it is a dark magic.

Fiona brings food to Delphine, who did not realize 180 years had passed. She recounts that after consuming the faux love potion she awoke from her drugged state to find an angry mob of slaves outside led by Marie Laveau . Delphine's family had been hanged by the mob. Marie reveals that Delphine has been cursed with immortality and orders her buried alive.

In the morgue, the girls stitch Kyle together and begin the resurrection ritual. Smoke, Latin chants and pentacles drawn in blood are all for naught as Kyle remains a stiff. Madison is pissed that it didn't work and leaves for the car. Zoe stays behind to apologize to Kyle's body, ending with a kiss (while somewhere Misty senses she is not alone). A car approaches and Madison bolts. The driver investigates inside and confronts Zoe as Kyle rises behind him and beats him senseless.

Fiona visits a ghetto hair salon, where she is the only white woman in the neighborhood. A still youthful Marie enters and sends everyone else away, saying that she will take care of Fiona herself.

While attempting to read, Nan is annoyed by the interference of the captive Delphine's thoughts. Nan unties her and demands that she leave. Queenie enters, and Delphine pushes her out of the way at which the witch bristles. Angered by the impertinence of an apparent slave, LaLaurie brains her with a candlestick in the hall.

Fiona and Marie square off, meeting for the first time but knowing each other for what they are. They debate the history of magic and where it came from. Marie informs Fiona that her powers are the result of a gift given to the original girls of Salem by Tituba, who was then betrayed, and Fiona scoffs, stating that an illiterate slave would not know a potion from a chocolate chip cookie recipe. Marie retorts that Fiona's ancestors made her that way, and prior to being kidnapped by slavers, Tituba was an Arawak priestess who studied under a long line of voodoo priests who had been in existence for 2000 years. Fiona then subtly threatens to expose Marie. Fiona wants immortality like Marie's, saying she has something Marie will want, but Marie isn't selling and laughs right in Fiona's face. Marie calls for bodyguards, but Fiona sets the shop on fire with her magic.

Cordelia harvests herbs, reciting a spell. Hank interrupts, and she chides him and continues. Later in their bedroom, the blood sex sugar magic is performed.

Zoe and Kyle flee the morgue. Kyle is in bad shape, seizing uncontrollably and mute.  While driving, Zoe attempts to comfort an emotionally distraught Kyle.   Misty, drawn by the resurrection, sits up in the back seat and offers to help.

The three return to a cabin in the bayou. Misty patches Kyle up with a poultice of Spanish moss and alligator dung, as she explains that Zoe's magic called to her (and who Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks are). They discuss how much they have to learn from each other. Zoe needs to go back to the school, and Misty offers to take care of Kyle until Zoe returns.

After saying good night to her staff, Marie goes into her back parlor, where her voodoo supplies rest.   She takes a drink and tells a tall dark figure nearby that they will never guess who is back.  The Minotaur walks out, and Marie unchains him, stating that they have business to attend to.

Delphine and Fiona meet on a street corner. Delphine is horrified by the changes in the modern age, stating that her house has been defaced with a plaque proclaiming it the home of Madame LaLaurie, house of horrors.  Fiona states that if half of what she has read about Delphine is true, she deserved what she got. Delphine admits that she was about to kill her own husband but that her beloved daughters did not deserve their fates. Delphine wants Fiona to kill her, and Fiona says she might in due time. She warns Delphine to not attempt to escape again, otherwise she will go back in the box. Delphine agrees. They walk back to the academy, but not before nearly getting run over by a police car.

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