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Bloody Face is a character.It is a character in American Horror Story portrayed by Various.Bloody Face[1] is a serial killer that began his reign of terror in the early '60s. He now lurks within the ruins of Briarcliff Manor and is notorious for skinning his victims and wearing their faces as masks.

Spoiler until I Am Anne Frank: Part 2 In I Am Anne Frank: Part 2, It is revealed that the true identity of Bloody Face is Dr. Thredson.

Episodic Appearances

  • Welcome to Briarcliff
    • 2012: We are introduced to Bloody Face by graffiti[2] on the wall of the ruins that were once Briarcliff Manor. Visiting couple, Teresa and Leo, appear to be big fans and take a picture. After Leo's arm is torn off by an unknown assailant, Teresa is confronted by the serial killer while searching for an exit.
    • 1964: The identity of Bloody Face is still unclear, but he is thought to be confined at Briarcliff, Kit Walker being the accused.
  • Tricks and Treats - 2012
  • Bloody Face pursues Teresa through the ruins and, after she takes refuge behind a door, he kills the incapacitated Leo.
  • 1964
  • While he is supposedly committed at the asylum in the form of Kit, he appears to Wendy in her home. Though she begs for her life, it's unlikely her words were heeded.
  • Nor'easter - 2012
  • Despite perforating Leo's chest, Bloody Face is overtaken, with the help of Teresa, and gets a taste of his own medicine (i.e. orbitoclast to the chest). As the couple attempt escape they encounter another Bloody Face...and another. After the newlyweds are shot the assailants remove their masks and reveal young men, Devon and Cooper (the other was Joey). They look shocked by the arrival of a fourth Bloody Face.
  • I Am Anne Frank: Part 2 - Dr. Thredson assists Lana in escaping the asylum. He takes her to his home and chains her up in his "workroom" alongside a freeze-dried Wendy, where he skins his victims.
  • The Origins of Monstrosity - 2012
  • The 2012 Bloody Face uses Leo's phone to contact the police, stating that he's been "a busy boy". When officers arrive at Briarcliff, they find that he has murdered all three of the "Imposters" and hung them from the upper stairwell of the institution's lounge.
  • 1964
  • Dr. Thredson keeps Lana chained to a bed inside his "workroom" and, while caring for her, explains that his behaviour as "Bloody Face" stems from his childhood. After being abandoned by his birth mother and left to grow up in an orphanage, he sought out a replacement mother figure and murdered all those who seem inadequate, skinning and decapitating them afterwards. After studying Lana from afar he came to the conclusion that she was "The One" - the surrogate Mother he sought - and her incarceration in Briarcliff simply made it easier to abduct and imprison her. When Lana later attempts to escape, he dons his Bloody Face mask and prepares to murder her, but she takes on the role of his Mother-figure in order to save her life, and he tearfully nurses from her breast.
  • 2012
  • Police investigators find Leo's phone still ringing in his hand; Bloody Face calls to politely inform them that he is responsible only for the murder of the three "Imposter" Bloody Faces. When the police realise that Leo came into the house on his honeymoon, and hence that Theresa is missing, she is shown in the clutches of the modern-day Bloody Face, a leaner man than Dr. Thredson and with less chest and arm hair.
  • Dark Cousin - 1964
  • After raping a near-catatonic Lana, Dr. Thredson becomes emotionally unstable, believing that their relationship has reached an "impasse" and that he must now kill her. In the ensuing struggle while he attempts to drug her into unconsciousness, Lana stabs him in the crotch with his hypodermic syringe and escapes her bonds, violently kicking him back into the "workroom" when he tries to prevent her from leaving. When readmitted to Briarcliff, Lana later tells the newly-powerful Sister Mary Eunice that Thredson is Bloody Face. Though Mary Eunice believes Lana, recalling the Demon inside her referring to Thredson as "Bloody Face" during the exorcism in Tricks and Treats, she does not act upon this information.
  • Unholy Night1964
  • Thredson tracks Lana down to Briarcliff after stories of the car accident appear in the newspaper. He blames her for making him share his story with her. He attempts to strangle her with the phone cord. She struggles and fights back. He picks her up and tells her her skin will be the start of a whole new Bloody Face. Kit comes in the room and knocks Thredson unconscious. Kit believes they need Thredson for his freedom. The two move Thredson's body to an abandoned storage room.  They think no one will find him while they come up with what to do with him. Thredson lays bound and gagged on the floor as Lana threatens to bury him one day.


  • In "Welcome to Briarcliff", we learn from Dr. Arden that he skins his victims from the feet up.
  • We learn from Dr. Thredson in "Tricks and Treats" that he decapitates the victims as well.


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