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  • A spoiler is information revealed to happen in an upcoming episode of American Horror Story.


  • The spoiler tag should be used on pages that contain spoilerish information. Only Pages in the Event, Character or Episode Categories should have spoilers.
  • Character & Episode pages should use subpages to show spoilers. Ie. Piggy Piggy/Spoilers or Infantata/Spoilers
  • Events may have spoilers on their pages, but must have the spoiler tag at the top. (i.e. Westfield High/Massacre)
  • After an episode has aired, information on the spoiler page can be put on the character/episode page where relevant. The spoiler page then should no longer be edited.
  • Episode previews/trailers should not be posted on the episode page until after the episode has aired - they can be posted on the spoilers page.
  • Episode Spoilers should be go under Category:Episode Spoilers, and Character Spoilers should go under Category:Character Spoilers
  • Character quotes from video trailers are unnecessary, given that the videos should be on the same page.
  • Keep in mind that some spoilers may be "foilers", disinformation spread to avoid ruining surprises. All spoilers should be treated with caution.
  • ALL SPOILERS MUST BE CITED, IF YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO CITE, INCLUDE THE URL FOR A FLUFFER OR ADMIN TO CITE IT FOR YOU. A naked web address / URL link in the page is fine. (Uncited spoilers that cannot be backed up will be deleted.)
  • If a spoiler source has vanished (page locked, redacted, or removed), there can be many reasons why. How to deal with this effect has yet to be determined.


Spoilerish Summary

Spoilerish summary of episode by Ryan Murphy (when available). Ryan Murphy usually divulges upcoming tidbits of information for the next episode in his Inside TV interviews. If he does this, that summary should go here. This section is NOT necessary on a Character Spoiler Page.

Note: The summary should NEVER be placed lower on the page because it is 'too shocking'. You're on a spoiler page, you're here to be spoiled. Ryan Murphy never usually spoils bigtime, if there is no ryan murphy spoiler available, simply do not have this section.

Spoiler Tidbits

Spoiler Tidbits should be presented as a bulleted list of information.

  • Bulleted Spoiler #1 (with a citation ie, where the info came from)
  • Bulleted Spoiler #2 (cite)
  • Bulleted Spoiler #3 (cite)
  • Bulleted Spoiler #4 (cite)
  • Bulleted Spoiler #5 (cite)

Gallery Spoilers

Gallery Spoilers stills/screenshots from the upcoming episode.

Video Spoilers

Video Spoilers should only be previews or trailers directly related to the episode. (Behind the scene videos are not necessary here.)


The References section houses <references /> for internal documentation. (aka, this is where all your cite links end up)