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How to help out

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NPOV disputes

Research and citation


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Template Documentation

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Uncategorized files

There are lots of these. All images should be in Images. All videos should be in Videos. Here are some good other categories to use, too: Murder House (story)/Media, Asylum (story)/Media, and Coven (story)/Media for those stories. Screencaps for screencaps. Portraits for good, clear shots of a character or actor's face. Thumbnails if the picture is square. Promotional material is for ads and posters.

Number of categorized Screencaps: 5

This number should be going up as more screencaps are tagged and added.

Number of orphaned pics: 5

Alas, these poor images are all present and accounted for, but are not included in any articles. Typically they are tagged with {{Orphan image}}. If you'd like these orphan images to find a home, please either place them appropriately in an article, or follow the instructions on the {{Orphan image}} banner.

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