Names (and possible family)

  • Writers originally named him Monsignor O'Hara which he would have shared with Moira O'Hara.OGRs SubmissionMap symbol theatre 02)
  • The latter's alias, Richard Spencer, could be his real name, which he shares with Kyle and Alicia Spencer. AHSW-Coven-FullMap symbol theatre 02



  • Florida: Freak Show takes place in Jupiter, Florida. Vivien Harmon's OGRs SubmissionMap symbol theatre 02 family is originally from Florida.[1]
  • Germany: Arthur Arden OGRastamonAsylumIconEntryMap symbol theatre 02 and Elsa Mars AHS Freak Show Logo SubmissionMap symbol theatre 02 are both from Germany (specifically WWII Nazi Germany).
  • Both the Murder House OGRs Submissionand Hotel Cortez AHSW-Hotel-Full is located in Los Angeles.
  • LanaOGRastamonAsylumIconEntry and ElizabethAHSW-Hotel-Full goes to the same columbarium.



Vivien Harmon was raped by Tate LangdonOGRs Submission. Lana Winters was raped by Oliver ThredsonOGRastamonAsylumIconEntry. Timothy Howard was raped by Sister Mary EuniceOGRastamonAsylumIconEntry. Arthur Arden attempted to rape both Shelly and a prostituteOGRastamonAsylumIconEntry. Madison Montgomery was gang raped by frat boysAHSW-Coven-Full. Zoe Benson raped a frat boy while he was in a coma, which resulted in his deathAHSW-Coven-Full. Kyle Spencer was repeatedly raped by his motherAHSW-Coven-Full. Though admitting to enjoying it, Penny felt violated after she was plied with opium before participating in an orgy with the freaksAHS Freak Show Logo Submission. Gabriel was raped by The Addiction Demon in Hotel

Congenital disorder and prenatal abnormality




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