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Ambrose White is a restless ghost. He is a character in Roanoke primarily portrayed by Wes Bentley (reenactment).


Ambrose White arrived in America as a settler under the guidance of his father John White, governor of Roanoke. When the governor returned to England for supplies, Ambrose agreed with other rebellious colonists that they should move the colony inland. When his mother, Tomasin White, the acting governess of the colony, refused, the colony mutinied and Ambrose was among them. The colonists chose to exile Tomasin from the colony and it was Ambrose who locked the cage around her head, so that he may continue to live.[1]

Personality and Appearance

Ambrose is a fearful man, prone to obedience. He shows the physical and mental signs of malnutrition.


Ambrose White took part in the sacrificial ceremonies officiated by his mother. However, later, he would call for rebellion against his mother. Tomasin feigned repentance only to poison everyone in the colony, including Ambrose as well as stabbing him. Through the magics of Scáthach, Ambrose's spirit fell to the will of his mother and must now do whatever it is she demands.[2]

Despite the fact that Scáthach's magic should bind him to doing his mother's bidding, he rebels against his mother before she murders Flora - The first time he has exhibited complete control over his actions in centuries. This allows Matt, Shelby, Flora and Lee to all escape the hands of Tomasin.


  • Ambrose White is the third character played by Wes Bentley. The first was Edward Mordrake, the second John Lowe. All three characters were ghosts or have become ghosts by the end of the season in which they appeared.


  • Ambrose: "No! I shall not stand by and watch thou shed another drop of innocent blood!"



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