Ally Mayfair-Richards is an upcoming character in Cult. She is a character in Cult portrayed by Sarah Paulson.


Personality and Appearance



  • Ally Mayfair-Richards is the ninth character portrayed by Sarah Paulson in American Horror Story.
  • In the seventh season, Ally and Ivy are married and own a restaurant called The Butchery on Main, and if Ivy's promotional poster is any indication, they might not just be serving burgers. [1]
  • Although at the panel for "The Women of American Horror Story: Cult" held at the FOX Studios it was revealed that Ally is married to Ivy, Ryan Murphy had previously revealed a "love story for the ages" between Ally and Kai, Evan Peters' character. [2] About the situation, Sarah Paulson simply said: "I think it’s going to reveal itself in surprising ways." [3]




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