Aileen Wuornos is serial killer based on a real-individual. She is a character in Hotel portrayed by Lily Rabe.


Aileen Wuornos, was born February 29 1956, she was a serial killer known for killing 6 to 7 men in an act of supposed self-defense, when they either tried to or actually rape her, during her profession as a prostitute. She was executed in 2002 by lethal injection. As a ghost, she comes to the Hotel Cortez every year on Devil's night, and she has a feast with her fellow serial killers.

Appearance and Personality

Aileen appears as a rather wild and unkempt woman. She usually wears a blue button up shirt, with a gray, sleeveless vest over it, along with blue jeans. Aileen has a large nose, crazed eyes, messy, swept-back hair and often has a demented or or angry expression.

Aileen is often shown to be very brutal and wild. She often threatens people she isn't fond of very often and has a very violent disposition.

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