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Who do you think was the most immoral?

  • Oliver Thredson
  • Marie Lalurie
  • Dandy Mott
  • Sister Jude
  • Arther Arden
  • Tate Langdon
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• 2d

Where was Kyle in the latest season?

Any ideas to where Kyle got to?

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• 3d

new to fandom wiki

how do i edit a wiki? or am i even able to?
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I have a question... Why haven't they released season 8 on Netflix yet?? That's what I'm mostly waiting for😭 I have been watching season 1-7 over and over...
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How did Michael survive a knife in his heart?

I was wondering if maybe it had to do with him ressurecting himself as we know that when a person is ressurected, they come back stronger. However, i dont know that they could survive a knife in the heart as all it took to kill Madison was a little strangulation lol. Perhaps it was becuase he made himself more invulnerable in the afterlife while he ressurected. Anyway what are yalls thought?

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• 11/16/2018

Does anyone know the spell Marie used for Michael?

Does anyone know the spell Marie used for Michael?

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• 11/16/2018

Cody Fern

I think this dude knocked the Michael character out of the park. I simultaneously hated him because he was the embodiment of evil but felt so bad for him because there were glimmers of good in him. He played this character so well. If they choose to continue this story next season whoever plays Devan Campbell has some HUGE shoes to fill.

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• 11/16/2018

Question about last episode "apocalypse then"

Why did not Mallory bring back Bubbles McGee and Madison ?
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• 11/15/2018

The Murals On the Wall at Murder House

Has anyone tried to decipher their meaning? I believe they are the prophecy of the antichrist (with how the evil within the house came to be there as well). Thought to be drawn by Constance, she would've been possessed in order to draw them.

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• 11/15/2018

AHS Timeline

Does this mean that all the deaths that occurred after 2015 like The Countess (2016), all of the Roanoke (2016) and Cult (2017) characters are reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum?

Does this mean that they live on in that universe now or are they still dead according to the season that they were in? Does this mean that every wiki page of those characters should have after their death 'reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum'

Mallory American Horror Story Wiki
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• 11/15/2018

Tim and Emily

So, Tim and Emily, the couple in the bunker went on to parent the new Antichrist after Micheal was killed by Mallory who time traveled and ran his ass over reversing the apocalypse.

This was a complete mindfuck to me lol

Like, while Micheal was still alive and the functioning anti Christ why did they get saved in the bunker, like who gave that order and why? Someone must have known the baby they raised would mean something. Also if their son was the Antichrist, why was Tim needed in the bunker since he is clearly not the father lol. And the no sex rule makes sense now! But that's the whole problem is why were they treated like royalty and saved...but then not allowed to have sex so they couldn't make that baby..but why not if Micheal is the Antichrist?

So, main questions, why were they saved in the bunker and who saved them? Why was Tim needed with his "special genetic makeup" if he's not the father? Is their son the true Antichrist?

What do you guys think?
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• 11/15/2018

[EPISODE DISCUSSION] "Apocalypse Then"

What do you think of tonight's episode? Care to discuss? Favorite moments and characters? Let's comment on the tenth (and finale) episode, "Apocalypse Then" together!

Apocalypse Then
Apocalypse Then American Horror Story Wiki
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• 11/14/2018

El Finale Esta Aqui!! Many spoilers so beware!!

So I had to rewatch it a couple of times to really soak it in but I really enjoyed the finale!! Myrtle was really baddass like queen where have you been hiding?? Also thank papa legba for letting Marie fuck up Dinah!! You know what, I really loved Madison this season and she is just amazing haha! Cordelia finally commited her truest and most badass act as supreme lmao Michaels face!! As for Michael, oof I really felt bad for the guy cuz he has really just been abandoned his whole life it was really sad 😭😭 (but at least mybwitches are back!) Tbh I have never disliked Constance so much in a scene but props for having the grit to halt his progression into the antichrist (albeit i think he wouldve been harmless trapped in the murder house cuz i dont think he could keep his powers as a ghost)! Mallory is wild too haha who knew she could be so badass and powerful!!

Despite it feeling a bit rushed i enjoyed it a lot but no one will ever be the antichrist to me except Michael lol!! That other kid will never match up to him #notmyantichrist ❤

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• 11/14/2018

The actual end

In the bible it clearly states that the end is natural but what if it actually is and when the earth dies it will attack Michael causing him to disintegrate from a huge amount of energy making him clearly not Satan’s son and was not put on the earth to destroy it though it still doesn’t explain why he has powers when no one throughout his family history has powers
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• 11/14/2018

Bartholomew could be the Antichrist maybe?

What If when Mallory goes back In time to stop Michael from becoming the Antichrist she causes a ripple effect for a new stronger Antichrist like the Countesses failed aborted child he'd meet all the requirements human father deadish mother and he'd be more monstrous due to Inheriting his mothers virus and he was conceived In another hell mouth the hotel like how Michael was in the murder house It would be a very cool storyline

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• 11/12/2018

Season 9

What do we all think next season will be about? (Sorry I know this may be early)…

I'd love to hear some theories, your own created theories and who it'll have in it...

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• 11/11/2018

AHS episode 10 theory

so my theory is as follows:

Dinah helped murder the girls at robichaux as she had pledged the souls of the girls to papa legba. Now here me out! She was so angry with Cordelia not taking papa legba's offer that she herself made the same deal with him! But she knew she didn't have the power to take on all the witches single-handed so she used michael to kill them and allowed papa legba to claim their souls. That would explain why their souls aren't there and could potentially explain why Marie can be seen in the final epidode, as she is acting as an agent of legba to trap Michael in hell as per Cordelias plan! I know this is a long shot but thought I'd put my theory out there ;-)

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• 11/11/2018

Cordelia could have killed herself

So if Cordelia killed herself and Mallory had enough power to travel back in time and stop Michael from killing the witches or whatever then after that happened there'd be no reason for Cordelia to kill herself since the withes wouldn't have died and she'd stay alive as well as all of them.

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• 11/10/2018

One more episode?

How on earth are they going to wrap this all up in only one more episode??? Less than 60 minutes!?
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• 11/9/2018

Questions about Coven

Hello everyone, I have a few questions about season 3 and I would love to hear your opinions.

1.- Why wasn't Madison burned at the stake for killing Misty? Misty confronted Madison (and kicked her butt at that) in front of everyone, so Cordelia and Myrtle knew about this. They swept it under the rug, under this girl power no one messes with the Coven thing against The Axeman. I think they've established what it means to kill a fellow witch.

2.- Speaking of The Axeman. We saw him in a 1919 flashback, trying to kill the witches, but he failed and got killed. He died in the academy and became a ghost. When Zoe released him, he was again killed in the same academy by witches, so, is he gone for good? Why would you think he's gone for good when a new curious witch can release him again?

3.- The fact that they made us think Madison had a chance at becoming the Supreme after she was killed. No, just no. If Madison was never killed by Fiona then her heart murmur would have got her DQ'd right there. What do you think of that?

4.- How did the second Supreme come to be if Scáthach never faded and died? Is she a ghost maybe? Bound to the Roanoke house, collecting souls for the Old Gods?

5.- Aren't you kind of tired of witches coming back and forth? There's no definite way to stay dead. While I love my fav witches coming back, I thought that was the end-all be-all for Misty, and Michael got her back. Now Zoe's and Queenie's souls are destroyed, is that the only way to banish them? And even at that, Mallory might time travel in the finale and get them back.

6.- Have you noticed almost all the Supremes are blonde? Except for only maybe Mimi Delongpre?

7.- Are Marie Laveau and Delphine sharing the same hell? If it were only Delphine's hell she would see an imaginary Marie Laveau hurting her daughters, but in that hell we see Marie Laveau refusing to do so, that's why I think they're both together in the same hell.

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